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Some people even called them “twins”: they’re the same age (40), went to elite universities, and are fanatical about the outdoors, yoga, and athletics.

Brin likes springboard diving; Wojcicki rides an elliptical bike to work.

Among the foremost examples of Silicon Valley’s data-driven pragmatism and optimism, they fervently believe the world can be a better place and have devoted themselves to making it so through their many interlocking ventures and family foundation, to which they contributed 7 million last year.

But romantic scandals can happen even to those for whom “good fortune arrives in fairytale-like flurries,” as once wrote. Last year Brin, a handsome, compact man with a toned physique, an enviable head of hair, and sparkling brown eyes, left the family’s spread on a million Los Altos lot while dating a Google employee in her mid-20s, Amanda Rosenberg—who, in turn, ditched her boyfriend, then a prized executive at Google’s Android arm, for Brin.

She has a comedian’s sense of timing and a propensity for sharing her emotions widely on social media.

She went to the same boarding school as the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie.

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This childhood fantasia didn’t happen by accident: some of it is the result of urban-design investments made by Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, and his wife, Anne Wojcicki (pronounced Wo--skee), the most important couple in town—and perhaps the most prominent young couple in Silicon Valley.The Wojcickis were similarly tight-knit and academic—and, like the Brins, also thrifty and non-materialistic.Wojcicki’s father was the chairman of Stanford’s physics department, and her mother is a journalism teacher.Hypotheses can be limiting and scientists can be led astray; using massive computing power to find patterns is quick, and data sets don’t lie.As Wojcicki and Brin started seeing each other, Google had not only weathered the dot-com crash but begun to dominate the search-engine business and was minting money via Ad Words, the most effective advertising platform in history. mapping system (Google Maps), a news aggregator (Google News), the world’s largest collection of data-storage servers, and the world’s most popular mobile operating system (Android).

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